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Time To Dim the Dull

So, are we just all collectively in a funk right now?

We wait all week for Friday and then before we know it, we’re right back at work on Monday.

We get 3-4 hours every night to reset and live just before having to wake up and do it all again.

You hear people say "it just doesn't feel like the holidays."

There’s got to be a way out of this dull.

Now in no means is this going to turn into a blog about how to become your own boss, because I still clock in everyday and have to ask to leave 10 minutes early every once in a while.

But this is, hopefully, going to be a blog where we can all realize how to dim the dull in our lives.

Let’s talk about my life and schedule, shall we?

This time last year I was weeks away from becoming engaged and had a beautiful house.

This year, I’m a single mom again, this time with another child. No longer engaged and living an hour away in my parents’ house.

A month before I moved out, I switched from my social media content moderating job to go back to social work.

Yep, I quit a work-from-home, full-time job where I didn’t spend any money on gas or daycare and had literally no stress and could clock out and not worry about work. I traded that to go back to working crazy hours including holidays and weekends.

Because I wanted to.

I was going crazy in that house.

I wanted to dim the dull.

Have you ever worked a fulltime job from home while taking care of a newborn at the same time?

Mad I tell you.

But going back to social work was a way of getting back around humans and getting me out of the house while making money.

That lasted all of 3 weeks.

Then I realized, hey, we’re selling this house and you’re going to be living an hour away from the kid’s dad and 30 minutes from the daycare, you can’t work this job anymore.

I realized it wasn’t fair to inconvenience my parents or their dad on how they were going to figure out how to get them and move their schedules around because I just HAD to work this job.

And it wasn’t really fair to the girls.

Making them move an hour away from their friends and dad and now their mom is going to work nights, weekends and holidays?

I realized that by trying to dim my own dull, I was also dimming what little light others seem to have.

So here I am, working an 8-5 receptionist position.

I could feel like I’m moving backwards in life.

33, living back at my parents, single mom, basic entry level job.

But oh, how much worse it could be.

I like my job.

I love my parents.

I love saving money on bills.

How could I be upset with what didn’t work out when life is still so great?

There’s still so much shine to uncover.

Every time your light goes down, it doesn’t mean it’s going to stay out forever.

You just need a new spark, a new light.

Find something that lights your fire and set it loose.

Take a picture every single day of one small moment that made you smile.

Look at every bad moment you ever had, and how you felt like you couldn’t survive it.

Look at you now, you made it through your worst day.

You beat the dull.

                “If you can’t change a situation, you can change your attitude towards it”

-          Abraham Low

Think of your life how it is today as we move towards the end of 2023.

What dulled your year?

What light are we sparking in 2024?

What situation are you in now, that you may not be able to change, but that you can change your attitude towards?

What small passion inside of you has been burning but you haven’t set on fire yet?

2023 was a lesson, a long, time standing still lesson.

Take every bad 2023-day, lesson, moment, interaction, conversation, encounter; and grind them up and use it to polish the hell out of next year.

Sit down and write your goals and your passions.

What’d you tolerate this year that you won’t next?

What’s one thing you put off that you will for sure prioritize next year?

What’s a situation you’ve been negative about but can start changing your attitude towards to make it into a positive current affair?

2024; it’s time to dim the dull!

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