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Welcome to Hey God, It's Me Again

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Let's Talk Money

Let’s talk money. Okay, you either clicked out immediately or your blood pressure raised a little. If you’re still here, just breathe,...

The Covid Chronicles

Has Covid visited your house yet? Because she literally kicked our door down and held us hostage for two weeks. Think of every single...

The Holidays.

Are you more of a Summer or a Winter person? I want to say Winter but I live in Tucson. But I’m still going to say Winter because it’s my...

358 to 32

Okay, so, have you ever heard that saying,“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” That is literally me. I always think I’m...

A Month Later...

Today marks 5 weeks since the end. The first few weeks were awful, but we’re okay now. There is nothing worse than just wanting life to...

The end to the end.

We lost her. I never thought I would ever start a blog. I definitely did not think I would write another entry to the blog in the waiting...

The Update We Never Wanted

“Your baby has a 95% of being born stillborn if it goes to full-term. We suggest terminating the pregnancy within the next three weeks.”...

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